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Ameisenhaufen Pythons

Anthill Pythons
(Antaresia perthensis)
One of our favorite species of non-venomous snake in all the world is the world's smallest species of python, the Pygmy or Anthill Pythons (Antaresia perthensis). These miniature pythons are the truly the smallest python species in the world but hold all the traits of their larger counterparts. They share the genus with other small python species such as the Stimson's Pythons (Antaresia stimsoni) and Children's Pythons (Antaresia childreni). These Australian gems are found in northwestern and western Australia in some of the harshest of habitats. They tend to be found near termite mounds where they feed on the geckos and small lizards that consume the termites.

When we say small, we mean it as they rarely exceed 24 inches in total length.  Their deep red color and subtle pattern is perfectly suited for the rich red rocks and soils of the outback. Their small size and gentle nature make them one of the best pet snakes in the world. 

We have a lovely pair who are very strong feeders and thriving as breeders. 
Anthil Python (Antaresia perthensis)
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